How to Bee Notified

Below you will find instructions on how and what you can do on the client side “User” of Bee Notified.

  • Download the App from: Google Play or the App Store
  • Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD then click on the LOG IN button
  • From here you can access your CALENDAR, MESSAGES, ALERTS, and LOCATION
  • From the CALENDAR button you can see a monthly layout
  • To add an event just touch the date then touch NEW EVENT
  • Fill out the event name where it says; New Event, select the Time and enter the Location
  • Finalize it by touching the ADD EVENT button
  • The MESSAGES button will open a conversation with your Job Coach
  • The ALERTS button will display all of your alert history
  • The LOCATION button will bring you to a interactive map. Here, you enter your work address at the top.

You have successfully completed the tutorial on how to install and utilize our Bee Notified App. Thank you for being you and using our app.